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Default personalization tokens by individual email

There are global defaults for personalization tokens. Currently, if you change it in the review section of an email, this updates the global value across all emails. However, you sometimes want to use a different option on one email vs another. It would be nice if you could use an alternate value specific to that one email.

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This is an absolute necessity. 

A clear example of why...


In an email to a customer I may want to have 'there' as a default for first name, so that if we don't have their name it simply says 'hi there'


However, I may also have an email automated to go out to sales people when a new lead comes in. I would want this to have (unknown first name) as the default, as other wise 'there (last name unknown)' looks really odd.


There is also no way of knowing how you have impacted other automated emails if you change the default in another. For all I know, I could have an email going out with an illogical default value. 


This really needs to be fixed as it is a massive downside to using personalisation in emails and negatively impacts the ability to use automation effectively.

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Thanks for your comments.


"There is also no way of knowing how you have impacted other automated emails if you change the default in another. For all I know, I could have an email going out with an illogical default value."


This has allready happened to us. Someone on our team setup an email and customized the default token for that email, not realizing it impacted other emails. 


Thanks for pointing it out. It is a major issue in my opionion.



We came across this today when personalization token's default was chaned in one particular email going to Advisors.  Without us realizing, all other email's default changed as well.  We ended up calling our customers, fellow advisors.  Big No no!

The funny thing, is that while trying to figure out what happened, we checked default for the First Name in Content Settings, it's still showed up as "There" even though it changed in every single email.

Please fix this major issue.


Thank you.


Oh yes, very necessary.


We use Hubspot to target customers in many countries. That means that for every language we'd need another default value. Simply being able to store the default value on the individual email level would allow us to do that and would have prevented the issues that have been posted here by other users.


I'd really like to see this feature enabled. We have already identified a number of use cases where it becomes a major pain. 

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Agree, and HubSpot should treat this as a 'must have' rather than a 'nice to have' feature request because a user that isn't aware of the effects of setting a default value will potentially mess up stuff.


I fully agree as well, I'm used to Mailchimp where you have full control of fallbacks etcetera. I was amazed that this is not possible in Hubspot. This is definitely a must have!


I would agree that changing the default value per template, or inheriting a global default would be a valuable addition..




If possible, could we get a rough estimate on when such a feature would be implemented?


We need it as well, our requirement is Localized emails in different languages and we can't use Sir/Madam in other languages in place of Firstname token.


It should really be as granular as for each mention to get personalization right. Marketo's had this for more than 10 years and has really strong use cases for creating tokens for a lot of things — as a former Marketo user, I found this invaluable.


Their nomenclature is like this for each instance:

{{lead.First Name:default=there}}





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Hi Everyone, 


Thanks for your support of this idea. I'm happy to report that this feature is now in beta, and should be out to all accounts over the next couple of weeks!



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Appears to have a lot of use cases for this functionality to be implemented. Definitely important when you are a global company. Countries can be very sensitive in how they are addressed. 

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Wonderful. Thank you!


WE have an email with an address block at the top -- but some contact do not need Address Line 2. What we are left with is an odd blank line between the first address and the City. Is there anyway to have the next line move up if the token is blank?

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