Default master suppression list for all bulk email sends

Idea: a global setting to add a default master suppression list on all bulk email sends.
The Hubspot article/video here:
lists a bunch of good reasons to have a master suppression list for (temporarily/permanently) excluding contacts from bulk emails for reasons such as contacts currently in a workflow, contacts sales are actively working, etc.
But, to apply a master suppression list, everyone sending a bulk email must remember to add it to every bulk send config. That's not a reliable way to implement what should be a company/account-wide standard suppression policy.
It would be very helpful to allow configuration of an account-wide default master suppression list that would be pre-added to every bulk send config. Users could choose to remove it, but would have to act to do so.
For an extra level of control, an additional global setting could enable/disable user removal of the master suppression list.
I know there's a feature to import an opt-out list, but that's not what's needed here - the suppression list feature is perfect for temp exclusions, there just needs to be a way to have one selected by default, to implement a company suppression policy reliably.