Default form redirect settings

*Submitting on behalf of one of our users!*


I see that some of my clients and also myself could need the option to select "default" for the "What will a visitor see after submitting your form" setting.


This is already the default choice for submission notifications, but would also be very useful for the form redirect page so you can change this setting for a form, across all pages.


What I want is to set a "default" setting for what a form should do after receiving a submission, directly from the form settings. And I want to be able to refer to the default setting from a website using said form. With this I mean the option where you can set an inline "thank you" message, or redirect to another page.


So as of today I can already set a default setting for a form, and this is included when I place this form on for example a landing page. If I later change the default setting from the form, it is not updated on the existing pages using the said form, as this value is "copied", and not referred back. I want an option here that says "Use default setting for this form" that will sync if I make any changes in the form editor.

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