Default for hyperlinks in blogs should be open in new window



I, and I'm sure others, think it would be more beneficial to have the default hyperlink option in blogs to be having them open in a new window. As of now, the default is to have the links open in the same window and therefore prompts visitors to leave the blog. There is the option to select a radial box and have them open in a new window, but you need to remember to click it everytime, or risk losing the visitor. Having the links open in a new tab or a new window by would allow them to remain in the blog and therefore a better chance of clicking the CTA.






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Great idea Ben,


I concur, having this option available as a global setting option would also make it easier and more efficient for writers to publish their work.  We have a steady stream of guest authors and regular writers, and going through this "open" setting for each link and article is time-consuming.

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I agree, all of us who use HubSpot for blogging need the option to set the default for this.

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Man, this is crucial. HubSpot, we need a “default” for target="_blank" !

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Hi, I agree & this is very, very important to save time! We need an option to have "open in a new tab" as the default for any web page. Pillar, blog, etc.! 

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We really need this too.  Its a huge pain to need to edit this property for each link!

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Totally agree, this is a must have!

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Yes!! At the very least make them open in a new window. Ideally, give people a global default setting with options for how links open. 

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Yes! Absolutely!


Agreed! Would make sense for all links to open by default in a new TAB though, not new window. 

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Our team would also like to see this feature implemented since we currently have to set this individually for each link.