Default email address for sending from CRM


It would be good if we are able to set as default email account, or to change the name(when I want, not forever) of my default account.


In the picture below to see if I'm able for example two things:


A- Send always as default from email address training@ubi... . The name of sender will still be Edward Willby


B- No matter which email address I decide to send the email, to see if it's possible to change the name it is send from, ex. chaning from Edward Willby to Sebastián V.



Thanks in advance,

SebastiánHS default email address.jpgdefault ex. from one of the connected emails accounts

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The possibility to change the default sending address, would solve the following problem for us:


  • Our company uses Google Apps for Work
  • We use Hubspot for a product which has a different name than our company, we therefore setup email addresses as aliases matching the product brand
  • If setting up a Hubspot account with the alias email address, we weren't able to connect our Gmail account with Hubspot anymore.


With this feature, we could use our main email address to login to Hubspot, and setup our product brand email address as an additional email address, which we would set as the default sending address.

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Hi Nima,


Interesting post and situation which I believe is quite common to all of us and you describe it very well. I hope @annetempelmeier can help us as it's a really important feature.


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I really wish this was a feature.    its annoying to have to change it every time i prospect.

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Would save time and it's annoying.

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I need this feature as well.

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I need this feature too.

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I'm here to hopefully keep this thread active, and to continue to this as a potential new feature.  As someone without any technical expertise it seems like an easy add by selecting a default email in the settings tab as well as default fonts/sizes. 


My situation is similar to  @Nima  in that we operate two companies which 90% of my time is focused on one and 10% on the other, but the default setting is on the unfortunate side of this ratio.  


I think HubSpot is great so far, and this is only a minor annoyance.  Fix would be both a time saver and help avoid future embarassment sending from the wrong email.


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This is very important for me as well. Should name changes ever occur at a business, the ability to specify a default email address without going through the hassle of rebuilding your account may be very important. Please consider adding this feature. 

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YES - I need this ASAP! 

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I've had the same issue for a client - they mostly send via a group email to customers, which is also hooked up to Conversations within HubSpot, although, it's really easy for them to accidentally send via his or her personal email rather than the group email. They never send from their personal emails so it makes sense to have the group email set as the default for each team member.