Default email address for sending from CRM




I've my admin email address and I also have several other connected accounts.


How can I do to set-up as default one of the "others" connected accounts instead of my Admin account?


Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me on this.


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Same deal here also. We really need this functionality urgently.


We have a team of salespeople and don't want them to send via their personal sign-in email addresses and instead use a group "sales" email addresses as their default. 


As mentioned in numerous other replies to this issue and request, this is something that can be manually selected by changing the From and is, in reality, a very simple implementation from present day (I'm a programmer with over 20 years experience).


At present we're having to send emails to over 2,500 people in an intensive campaign and we need to manually change the From of every individual email sent, which we sometimes forget and it gets tiresome when sending 100-200 emails per day. This functionality is imperative to us.


The other thing we are finding decidedly obvious in terms of omission is de-duplication of records. Every other CRM we're aware of has a de-duplication system which can be run to display a list of duplicates to merge.


We in fact purchased Hubspot on the basis of your system advertisement of "automatic de-duplication", yet this is absolutely terrible from what we've seen.

We thought we would be migrating our system to a "new evolution" and instead find that the de-duplication doesn't seem to work at all...


The only alternative we could find was to sign up for Dedupely (at an additional cost, I might add) and on doing this on a trial basis, their system couldn't even find any duplications. Support tickets were then logged and apparently the integration wasn't working correctly, even on our trial. The trial then expired before their support team could even fix it. So essentially, there's no way to correct these duplications except to manually merge them one by one (what a pain the a%$e).


We have some records in our database which are so obviously duplicates and yet Hubspot can't/doesn't automatically merge them, nor is there a "Merge Duplicates" section. i.e. our records have the same First Name, Last Name and Email address or Phone number and your system still can't see them.


These are the two things that are so annoying and need correction that for our organisation it is a deal breaker.


Sorry to hijack this thread with something that has two issues rolled into one, though these are areas to our mind that really require significant work.


If these errors are not corrected in the near future, we will be exporting our information and looking elsewhere.






Actually, the email address selection was already solved. When you select some contacts and click on the "enroll in sequence" you will see the "from" emails list on the top left corner of the screen. 

It actually allows you to select different email addresses for different contacts!


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Adding my voice to this request. 


Utilizing Service hub means many techs responding from a general "Support@XXX" email address. I can't register them all under the same general support email address during user creation, so their "from" default will be their private internal email address. If they forget to change the "from" address to the support address on every email they send, then two bad things happen: 

1.) The client receives an email from a completely new email address (their private internal address), possibly resulting in replies going unseen.

2.) The client now has the support rep's private internal address, which can result in private email replies or future help requests that aren't tracked properly by the support system and may go unanswered if that rep is out or busy and doesn't see it right away.


I need this funtionality as well. I need to be able to switch from one email address to the next and at different times, I need one of the emails to be the default "FROM" email.


Creating another user may be an inconvenient yet effective workaround, but at least in my case it leads to another issue: The email address and name of every single user in a Hubspot portal is viewable to all other users, regardless of their permission rights.


That's a whole other issue. It seems anyone, even a temp who may work for a week or two has access to the entire organization's list of users -- employees, managers, subcontractors, etc. Not to mention, with the Enterprise addition I assume that also means they can see the entire hierarchy of teams, i.e. business structure. For me and I assume others, such things are trade secrets. 


Any suggestions?


UPVOTE from me - Yes please - we would like to default to the last chosen address in our shared inbox and have this functionality in tickets, and companies not just contacts,





Give them at least 24 hours friends, there's a lot of us and only so many of them. 


@roisinkirby that is very unfortunate. This could be such a simple feature. I found that HubSpot is such a great tool and very user friendly. Such small things that really matter make it so painful. I had wished to see you at HubSpot taking this valuable user feedback and implement it into the tool rather than saying "this is not possible, except you create a new account".


Thank you for pointint this out! I am 100% with you!


And my axe!


Need it. Want it.

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I also need the ability to set a different default from email address.


Upvote. What we need is two things:

1) A default address to be used when composing new email


2) When replying to an existing email to reply using the same email address as it was sent to


So far only the second part works. Please fix the first part, HubSpot!


This is insane it's not a feature.


It's even worse when a user doesn't even have a "personal email address" connected.

In that case, Hubspot choses the first email address in alphabethical order, which is in our case dramatical.


This single fact forces every single manual email sender to double check the FROM field every single time they send an email.


Come on, this is a simple checkbox in user profile section we are talking about.

This checkbox would remove so much friction and errors.


Adding my vote to this.


We have a email address and then a email address. I send emails from the product email address as I solely work in that product team, and it means my email domain is consistent with the domain of our app URL our users go to, and the domain the app system emails are sent from.


I could just set my email address as my primary Hubspot account email address, but then Hubspot starts syncing all my ( Google Calendar activity as it thinks that is a different user/person.


We need this as well... 


It is quite disturbing that this request is already 3 years old and still not available...


I am in favor of this idea as well.  Having to change the email address to your own every time you compose a new email is a wasted step.  And most of my support agents forget this step and since they do not monitor the default email Inbox, they have no knowledge when a client responds to their outbound message.


This is silly that we do not have this ability as in all business we need to wear (and respresent) many hats!


why is this simple "primary email" function available in so many other CRMs not possible in HubSpot?


I need this feature also.  It's been 3 years since this request was submitted...