Default email address for sending from CRM


It would be good if we are able to set as default email account, or to change the name(when I want, not forever) of my default account.


In the picture below to see if I'm able for example two things:


A- Send always as default from email address training@ubi... . The name of sender will still be Edward Willby


B- No matter which email address I decide to send the email, to see if it's possible to change the name it is send from, ex. chaning from Edward Willby to Sebastián V.



Thanks in advance,

Sebastiándefault ex. from one of the connected emails accountsdefault ex. from one of the connected emails accounts

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We absolutely need this functionality. Our designers' internal email addresses potentially being sent to clients seems so easily avoidable with this feature but without it they have to check for it every time which disrupts the workflow and in case it's missed causes a lot of rework.


This feature is essential for running a support function. You can't have customers emailing a central support inbox, then receiving replies from personal accounts.

I must say I'm very surprised it's not possible to do this already!

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@hubspot Is there an update if this can be expected soon? My team would really appreciate this feature!

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Would love this feature as well—we've had instances of emails being sent from members of our agency rather than from our clients.


I reached out to support and their advice for a workaround was just to clone emails that have the correct 'from' name and email.

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Yes, it's the most wanted feature, so please fix this ASAP.



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Definitely need this ability - would love to see this rolled out soon

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All for this. The more emails you add the worse it is. 


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We absolutely need this functionality +1

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Please look into adding this feature. It's currently wasting time and intruduces possible accidental email sends from personal addresses.

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This feature would be very useful for us- we changed our company name and so we have new aliases, but our Hubspot is linked to our original account name. When we automate our emails, we don't want to have to change alias for every single email recipient. It's really inefficient and hard to remember to do this. 

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We have this problem for tickets...


it is the same shared account for all tickets pipelines.


Here is the structure of our support teams.


Three teams:

- team 1

- team 2

- team 3


So we created 3 corresponding ticket pipelines and 3 corresponding conversaton Inboxes


Each inboxes have connected email adresses:

- team 1

> (for all inquiries to this team)

> (priority channel only for our customer 1) (This one is set as default for all tickets)

>team1_customer2name (priority channel only for our customer 2)


- team 2

> (for all inquiries to this team)


- team 3

> (for all inquiries to this team)


So... as you can see, it makes no sense at all that the default is a very specific address... the priority channel only for our customer 1 for a specific kind of problems...


We need to be able to set a default for each inbox/pipeline.


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This is a big problem for us. Most of the time we send our emails from one of our "generic" inboxes that is connected in the converstaions tool instead of our intended personal inbox. This causes a lot of confusion and frustration for our co-workers and our customers. 

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Idea? -I'd say defect!


We have four support/sales pipelines in HUbspot, and every time someone writes an email response the wrong from-address is chosen. Even if we've already set every pipeline with it's own default from adress. UX fail.

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Yes, please! Fantastic idea, would be very useful for many of us.  

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Upvoted! This would save a lot of time and mistakes