Default behaviour of Auto-Association of records


Between our Customer Success and Sales teams, vs our Support teams, quite often we have a couple of conversations that are fundamentally not related in progress with a customer. 


Currently, the default behaviour for Hubspot is to auto-associate records, and where we see this the most, is fresh emails to a contact is created on a contact or company record and is auto-associating with an open ticket record. 


We'd really love to have the ability to be able to set the default behaviour, either by team or by user, to determine if all open tickets should automatically be associated to new communications when created on a contact or company record.

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We also would like be able to "turn off" automatic associations between companies/contacts  - and open tickets.  There are just so few instances where information placed directly on a company or contact is relavant to an open ticket.  It would be nice to associate them when needed - not having to uncheck these associations (multiple open tickets) everytime.


I agree that users should have the option of opting out of the auto associations. 


Same as this issue and it is killing us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I must join Bart in getting this disable function. As it even get worse.


We started emailing from HubSpot in the hope we could avoid most of Bart's problems but Hubspot makes it even a bigger problem for us.


Here is what we experience:


When I reply on a deal to X in Hubspot. Hubspot does associate the right deal and company to X (so no association is made outside of the deal). When X replies to me and he places Y and Z in CC ate any given time in our communication. Hubspot will associate 5 objects with Y and Z.  This makes no sense at all and creates a complete mess. 


If I mail to contact X about what he wants to eat for lunch next week (and I mail from Hubspot on the contact page, not in a deal or Ticket) I have to unlink all the deals related to this person. If I forget this Hubspot will make sure we know in each deal what X will have for lunch.


If we mail from Gmail the problem of Bart comes into place. 


This made it hard to work on a proper timeline on deals or contacts.


We are experiencing this issue as well. Old emails are being associated with new tickets. 


We have encountered this issue since we went live with HubSpot, and it's increasingly frustrating when reviewing Client metrics for tickets and seeing dozens to tickets associated to "OUR" company, simply because a fellow Colleague provided input email, or notes to the ticket. It'at least a 10-15 minute work effort everyday to correct the accurate Associated Company. This is costing us, your Client valuable time and effort.



yes please. we want some of our teams to have access to contacts (some of which have deals), but NOT the deal activity information containing sensitive information!!