Default add timeline activity to unchecked

When creating a new ticket, users are prompted to add timeline activity from [company and contact] to the ticket for the last x # of days. Currently it is defaulted to checked. We would like to see a setting that allows this to be unchecked by default.


 As a company that sends 100% of our inbound and outbound emails from inside tickets, leaving this checked makes it difficult to locate the email associated to the ticket. We can uncheck it ticket create, but that is an extra step that can easily be missed. Also our inbound emails automatically create a ticket and this setting is "checked" in those instances. Please allow clients to uncheck or turn off this setting for all new tickets. 



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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Hi all,


Thanks for the feedback! We changed the default behavior of this feature on Friday. Now, we'll default to showing these checkboxes unticked, and we'll remember the last selection of each user for any subsequent deals or tickets that they create.

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In addition, not just creating the default of being unchecked at ticket creation, but also the ability to set the default at my company's portal level. So a super admin at my company could determine the default for those boxes across the portal. For some companies, they would like the boxes to default to checked, while many others would like them to default to unchecked. Giving the control over that to the hubspot user/customer would allow Hubspot to make most, if not everyone, happy.


And speaking of checking the box to bring in communications, FYI - if you are still getting extra, non ticket related stuff on your tickets, the next time you make a note on the contact or company record, make sure you're not associating to the ticket, as those records will also default to adding to the ticket record.