Default add timeline activity to unchecked

When creating a new ticket, users are prompted to add timeline activity from [company and contact] to the ticket for the last x # of days. Currently it is defaulted to checked. We would like to see a setting that allows this to be unchecked by default.


 As a company that sends 100% of our inbound and outbound emails from inside tickets, leaving this checked makes it difficult to locate the email associated to the ticket. We can uncheck it ticket create, but that is an extra step that can easily be missed. Also our inbound emails automatically create a ticket and this setting is "checked" in those instances. Please allow clients to uncheck or turn off this setting for all new tickets. 



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Great idea! Tickets and service hub as a whole are still new and growing products. Having this options makes perfect sense, as companies are still looking to optimize the best way to fit these new products into their repertoire. 

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We have the same issue. Due to the volume of tickets per company, associating the past activity creates a mess - definitely needs to become a back-end option to leave this unchecked by default. 

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Yes! I would rarely ever need to use this, and I've already accidentally left it checked, making me have to go back and remove data. I would love to see the option to uncheck as a default.

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We agree! This is just creating more work for us then it's helpful 

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I love that they added this feature, and I agree that you should be able to set your default preferences. It just makes sense Smiley Happy

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The option to have it unchecked as default would be a lifesaver. I keep forgetting to uncheck the box so my tickets are a mess and is creating more work in the long run. 

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Tickets are a critical part of our daily operations and this new default has created quite the headache. If I forget to uncheck the boxes it leads to communication and inefficient operations. We absolutely need the ability to have this box unchecked by default. 

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I completely agree! This is messing up our system entirely, and actually makes Ticketing a bit less attractive for us to use. If we cannot remove this (or change the default), we might have to look elsewhere.

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This problem isn't an "idea".  This is poor design.  This is extremely frustrating.  


I see the benefits of having these options enabled by default for Deals.  But for Tickets?  No.  Just no.  You have now decreased our efficiency and now users are having to take precious time to open the ticket and disassociate other correspondence that isn't related to the ticket at all when they leave those options checked.  


You can do better.


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I suggest that you remember the last choices per-user.  That would allow our service agents to un-check the boxes ONE time, for their first ticket and not worry about it again.


This also works well for organizations supporting new customers where they want to capture all activity into the ticket.  Those (less common?) users can check the box the first time and it will remember their choice for the future.


Anytime a user changes their mind and checks (or unchecks) one or both boxes, it will remember that going forward.  Everyone wins!!!