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Default Values for Personalization Tokens in HubSpot Sales

Would be good if the same HS Marketing functionality for a deafult value for something like First Name and Compan Name was available in the HubSpot Sales Template feature. 

Right now, there is no way to set a default fallback value for tokens. 

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I second this. We are using an Introductory Offer template to create opportunities for a new sales rep. Unfortunately, our list doesn't always include a company name, so it would save time to assign a default to that token, whether globally or for this specific template.


I don't understand why the feauture exits in emails under the marketing platform but not in the sales email template.  I as well don't have all the came contact info for all contacts.  That means I have to manually take a token out and add in a default value. That leaves the possibilty to forget to do that.  


I hope hubspot makes this change soon.

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Yes! The default token doesn't pull over sales emails. It's too easily missed and we may forget to update it if we are skimming emails relatively quickly.


100% agree! We really need this.


This is so frustrating! I just told my sales team that this was possible, because why wouldn't it be, only to discover it is not.


Doesn't make much sense for it not to work in Sales Templates as well. I have default values for some properties as "MISSING" so that they are easily noticed in emails. The sales team need the default values more than anyone since they are sending rapid-fire emails at times. Things will get missed, I can see it now.


Please fix!! 


Hubspot - please make default properties work for sales sequences / templates! I can't imagine a logical reason why the default properties would work for Marketing emails but not Sales. We are sending out sequences to a robust list of MQLs today and we're having to manually fill in "your company" for all of the contacts we have that still don't have company name identified (quite a few). This makes no sense!


Yes, please add this. It would make sending emails so much easier. Right now I just get a blank space when there is no value.

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I can't believe this isn't possible.  So does it just populate as a blank space?


YES PLEASE!!!!!!  Do add this. Thanks and blessings in advance. 

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Came across this issue today. Definitely required for Sequences.

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Hi Community,


For transparency, I'm updating this idea to 'Not Currently Planned' as our team is not planning this work in the upcoming quarter. 


In the more immediate future we are prioritizing several other features.





+1 from me!

I recently tried out templates and I don't understand why this isn't available yet.
When my team would be using the templates it would be very easy to miss the empty personalization token space.
And creating a workaround with the placeholder defeats the whole purpose of using personalization tokens.


+1 for me too!  I love HubSpot, but this is another example of a basic feature that should be there but is being ignored in favor of big, high-end enterprise features that most of us don't need (i.e. most of the features announced at Inbound).  C'mon, don't forget the little people that built you, HubSpot 😉


@glencornell , another twist on this that would be amazing would be the ability to highlight text (in a template, email, landing page, or webpage) and then link to a personalization token.  Useful for "Last Page Seen".  I was using that token in a template, but it inserts a big, long, scary link which makes it unusableScreenshot (72).png


Why has this not been addressed yet? First request was in 2017! 
It seems like a fairly simple thing to do. 

One of my biggest issues with Hubspot is that there are so many features that aren't consistently available across the platform, it's very frustrating. 



+1 here.

I've resorted to making two different sequences: one for those whose Contact Properties are known, and one for those whose contact properties are unknown.


+1 Especially that we can now automate email sequences. Not all our leads have a first name and we need to display a default value. 

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posting on behalf of my customer: 


this would be a great functionality to have in sales email templates too as some contacts may have been created with the correct first name information etc and having a global default value will be very useful


Any update on this feature yet? Seem like it has been requested for 5 years now and it seems like such a no-brainer to have. We are looking for solutions outside of Hubspot now because this is a must-have for us... But I would like to keep everything inside Hubspot 😞 


Posting on behalf of a customer I just worked with. This would be a great & very useful tool!


Really need this added. Its a basic need of the platform and that other CRM's have in place. As our database has some missing fields for contacts and we pride our ourselves in the best email formatting with no mistakes, we cannot have ANY personalisation. Can literally see how the engagement rates drop because of this. for the clients we implement email campaigns for, its the most common and needed request generally.