Default Properties by Team


Members assigned to specific teams within hubspot have different Default Properties (on Contacts, Companies, and Deals).



Sales team needs to view specific data on a Contact/Company/Deal record that is related to a specific, proposal contract.

Client Success team needs to view specific data on Contact/Company/Deal record that is related to a specific, executed contract.


Possible Implementation:

When setting "Default" properties that are visible, add a drop-down menu that select the "Team" which these Default properties apply.


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I'm out of Kudos, but this needs to happen. We operate on a dealer distribution model and different dealers would like to mange their defaults differently. Right now these different distributors are organized by Team, so the recommended solution would work. 

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Yes, we need that aswell. We are trying to implement HS across all teams here to have a single view of the customer and this would be veeeery important.

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I was coming here to find a solution for this as our Org grows. 
Salesforce has this built in by role. 

Is Hubspot working on this at all? 

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We need that as well, here we have MKT, Growth, Sales, Support and CS Teams using Hubspot.  That improvement could solve and help a lot of processes and productivity. Think how many proprieties to manage we have in the same Deal, coming from Growth/MTK processes until CS Team

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100000% agree to all the comments above. This would really take Hubspot to that next level and be a HUGE help to me and my team. 

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Agree to everything above.  Even just having Sales and Support teams, the relevant properties are very different, and the current state means we have to individually reconfigure every support team member manually.  Really inefficient.

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This was introduced a couple of weeks ago.  But they've gone and made it a 'Sales Enterprise' feature only, which is absurd for such a simple, necessary feature.