Deduplication of contacts using phone number


In many countries, Email IDs are not as prevalent as phone numbers. Many of the contacts don't have mail ids but phone numbers. Hence while importing 100s of contacts to hubspot, it's important to make sure no duplicate records with same phone numbers are uploaded. This feature is very much needed.

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This is a great idea and a very urgent need for Hubspot users in other countries outside the US. I think email is only important to Americans. In other countries, people tend to use phone numbers, Facebook messenger or other chat applications to communicate with each other, especially at work when the need for high-speed communication is the norm. For most countries outside the US, phone number is a better identifiable property than email. Imagine we have 100 contacts in Hubspot, these 100 contacts have 100 phone numbers, but only 15 contacts have email. 

The phone number, not the email, is the factor determining whether 2 contacts are duplicated or not. 


Waiting for this feature to identify the duplication of Phone number in Hubspot.


It is a shame that we have to be asking and voting for such a necessary and basic functionality, so easy to achieve. Please do it as soon as possible. Thanks a lot.


In addition to Phone Number can the HubSpot machine also begin comparing Names? Name and Phone Number would seem two obvious and effective data points to factor into deduplication, especially when many people have multiple email accounts (person, work, etc.) but I'd guess far fewer would have multiple Names or Phone Numbers! Thanks 


Upvoting, I would love to see this for Phone numbers, company names, and other fields that a Sale team would not want any crossover on.


I agree, in fact we have a problem duplicating contacts just because the email isn't our first conversation way with the clients.