Dedicated Display/Area for Custom Group Properties on Records

As of now, custom properties are only added to the "about" section of a contact record. I'm suggesting that either:


1. Adding the ability to create group properties and display them in their own reorderable "display card/widget" (as you can with all other ui cards "About, Deals, Tickets, List memberships, Quotes, Website activity).


For clarification on what I mean by display card/widget:





2. Grouped properties can be displayed in About section as they do now, but separated with their own label to easily distinguish those properties from other "About contact" information.


This would be the same for Deal Records as well. And as @VagaeNatus said, it would be nice to make specific properties and in this case, grouped properties defaulted for different criteria or pipelines!


Thanks for your time! 🙂

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Yes, please!

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 Let's do this !!! 

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Agree. We have the same issue. We separate visually the properties in the about section with properties built to be groups' title like this "-------- Group A --------". Those properties are dropdown list with empty values. It's super dirty.


The solution proposed here is just nice. Upvote.

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Upvote! The workaround to use "title" properties is ugly.

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Hubspot please implement IMMEDIATELY!

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Upvote! Hubspot, you guys working on this?

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I think the new contact record page should enable the right hand sidebar very nicely to do exactly what is described above. Here is a mockup of how that could look like:



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@basil Exactly.

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@basil I wish this existed too!