Dedicated Display/Area for Custom Group Properties on Records

As of now, custom properties are only added to the "about" section of a contact record. I'm suggesting that either:


1. Adding the ability to create group properties and display them in their own reorderable "display card/widget" (as you can with all other ui cards "About, Deals, Tickets, List memberships, Quotes, Website activity).


For clarification on what I mean by display card/widget:





2. Grouped properties can be displayed in About section as they do now, but separated with their own label to easily distinguish those properties from other "About contact" information.


This would be the same for Deal Records as well. And as @VagaeNatus said, it would be nice to make specific properties and in this case, grouped properties defaulted for different criteria or pipelines!


Thanks for your time! 🙂

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i want this now!

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Yes, please!

We´d like to use this in order to synchronize our license database information to the respective companies and contact documents. We´ve created a property group "Licensed Solutions" but it drowns in the About.

So, yes please make the requested possible asap since we are just about to prepare the API connections and would love to do it right at the first shot.


Also, we´d prefer to synch such data to the company and from there inherit the information to the contacts instead of pushing it to both company and the contacts. (Why at contacts? We want to have our web page react  differently depending on the products a company has licensed already, e.g. company has product A, show promo for add-on to product A. Since not the company itself but the contact visits our web page, the contact needs to have the licensed products property, too.)

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Is there any way we can get Hubspot Team to see this? 😅🙏

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For now, what we're doing is creating contact, deal, ticket properties that act as 'separators'. This is not as effectient or aesthically pleasing but is helpful.

Hope HS implements this though.,

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This is something i'd like to be able to do inside Hubspot. Create forms to view/edit information and have the ability to use custom fields custom contact property groups to view and enter info. Just the current views are very limited and gets messy real quick when you have 20 fields down the side(s). just my 

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Absolutely agree. This is a fundamental requirement.

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Yes! We have so many variables and products we want to associate to company/contact records so the ability to pull these into the object view would be really handy.

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OMG YES! Please create this! 


I had the same frustration after spending a ton of time creating a new property group, expecting it would appear as a NEW collapsible section on the contact record. Much to my disappointment after reaching out to support, I was informed that any new contact property, regardless of group would appear under the contact's About section. VERY DISAPPOINTING. What is the point of being able to organize the groups in the settings areas if this same organization cannot be seen on the actual contact record?? Hubspot, please add this as a functionality!!!