Decimal Points and Format of Deals in Board View


Recently decimal places have been added to the deal amounts when viewed in Board View. It should be an optional setting to have these or not, whichever makes sense for the individuals use. 


In addition, the deal amount and description used to be on two separate lines - they are now combined on one line which is confusing and unclear. This should at least be optional as well. 

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Agreed. My company deals with large projects in the millions of dollars and the decimals just make everything more complex. 


1000% agree. This makes HubSpot look juvenile compared to Salesforce reporting capabilities. Please note that items like this add to our desire to move our pipeline management to Salesforce. 



adding my 2c here - the default should be no decimal points - and the user can be given the option to add these if they wabnt to


there is lots of feedback on this issue, and would have thought it would be fairly easy to resolve - so be good to get an ETA (if not also an explanation why its taking so long to address this)

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This should be added as fast as possible. I have clients wishing to remove demicals in their CRM.