Deals with Multiple Payments

I would like to see a feature added where we can create multiple sub-parts or contract items to a deal, where each item has its own payment and deal stages. For example, I may have a 15-month contract with 15 payments. I don't want to create 15 deals. I would like to have one deal that is basically grouping together 15 sub-deals. 

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Yes, I have suffered this pain in the past where I would compete for supply of components to programmes where sales would be on a monthly basis but typicaly go on for 4 years.


Now I am in capital equipment, so I will work on a "deal" as a single item, but actually it tends to be paid in 3 or more steps - deposit, completion, final approval for example.  Sometimes these stages are not all in the same financial year.


It would be good to have the option to divide the revenue into buckets whilst still keeping them under the single deal umbrella.