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We use HubSpot to track multiple deals, often with the same company. The timeline against each deal show the activity against that entire customer account, so it is almost impossible to track activity against that specific deal. Are there any changes that can be made to make the activities for each deal appear in a timeline specific to that deal? Otherwise, we have large amounts of data appearing agaisnt a specific deal that is irrelevent to that specific deal.

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If you remove the company as a related record in the deal this will solve your problem of timeline bleed/over-share...but probably isn't a satisfactory fix (it isn't for us). Who knows, you might be OK with that. There are no fixes for this at the moment if you wish to keep the deal and the company records associated with each other (that I know of, and have run this both through support and our HubSpot onboarding fellow).


We are having this very same issue, compounded by the fact that one contact may be associated to more than one deal (we work through reseller partners quite often) - so not only is other info being pulled into deals where it doesn't belong from the deal's company, but other company and deal information (completely different deal, completely different company, same partner contact) appear in each deal. 


We can't sort heads from tails! It is a huge issue for us, and is causing a great deal of heartburn across multiple areas of our company. 



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I thought I had replied to this but maybe not, it's late and my eyes are burning.  Smiley Happy


@kcooper do you have an update on this one?  This is a big one as I know you're already aware. Smiley Happy  Thanks!!

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@mbartko - I've got nothing concrete. I know that they are coming out with the ability to email and call from within a deal (and those communications aren't supposed to flow into other deals from what I understand at this point), and that is coming...soon. Like within the next handful of months soon. 


It isn't a solve-all for us (probably not for you either), but it is at least a step in the right direction. 


One step at a time...

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I am implementing HubSpot CRM for a financial company and this is one of the issues that came up with the sales team. 

Just like @kcooper described - we have one partner that is associated with 40-50% of our deals and now every email sent to him shows on every deal he is associated with which makes the news feed completely cluttered with a bunch of un-related information and pretty much unusable. Yes, we could remove him from the deals but then we lose a very important piece of info for that deal and we want to run reports on deals and associated contacts and companies so it doesn't work for us. 

I really hope HubSpot comes up with a feature where you can do some conditional filtering so it's not all or nothing type association. I believe there's a good business case for this feature given the examples on this thread alone. 

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This would also really help me - I have the potential for up to 1000 deals (lucky me) with my main client - I need to see the timeline per deal, excluding all other client info.

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Same here  ! This is really needed for us. We are working with big companies and have several deals taking place at the same time...

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This is causing huge headaches with our company, who can often be working with a consturction firm managing multiple projects, so mixing deal information is straight dumb and confusing! At least have an option to turn this off, rather than forced on...

Please can we have someone from Hubspot reply regarding when they see this happening, as i'm getting tired of trying to justify this frankly bizzare feature to the team here, who have suggested we even move away because of it.