Deals restricting visibility with permissions

However much I love my sales people, I do not want them having access to the potential of calculating my company's turnover. At present they can. Permissions need to be way more granular and flexible allowing for very particular and specific can or can't see or write or do for everything...Please!

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Agree. This is a really important feature for our team.

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this is SUPER important.  Why is this taking so long to implement?

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Astonished that this only has three upvotes and two comments! I guess that is why it is not being addressed.

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Slightly different reasoning for our company, but I absolutely agree that more granular permissions is needed.

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Same with us. In my mind, it's logical to separate all 3's permissions as it causes issues all through the board here. 


e.g Sales person creating a deal should be able to select any company in the database here, to avoid duplicate entries of companys and contacts, but they should only be able to view and edit their deals.


This has caused so many issues for us it's unbelivable that it hasn't been changed.


Same with the team structure as mentioned here:


which has a lot of upvotes but seems to have been ignored by the hubspot team.