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Deals insights should be added to all Deal Views

I love the new Deals Insights - I would like those same insights to be available in the other Deal Views as well. Not just the default view. This would allow for easy understanding of the stats in the views that are important to me - such as quickly comparing LY to TY deals as one factor.

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Can this be consolidated with this idea which has a broader list


Completely agree that " deal insights" for custom view is necessary, so users do not have to adjust the filters all the time on the default views. 


Having deals insights on custom views would be perfect, especially if we could select the displayed numbers ourselves.

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When creating a custom view, we would like to see the data insights that we see on all default views. Reference:

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Upvoting as this would be helpful for customers to also be able to see this information on the custom views!


Adding this feature to custom views would be very helpful. One of the most important things you need to report out is the total value of a pipeline, this currently requires additional spreadsheets outside of HubSpot to get to those numbers which is very inconvenient. 


This is really a great idea as having Insights in customized views too is a must feature that Hubspot could offer to its customers.


Currently, the Revenue Data Insights header card is only displayed on default deal views (e.g., All dealsMy dealsForecast). However, I think that including Hubspot Revenue Insights on Custom Deal Views would be a great benefit for your users. 

It's one of the most important metric views available, so having this included on Custom Views would make them much more usable. 


Thank you! 


Yes, It looks like this was available in the past but not anymore


Totally agree ... the Insight card has been well received by users when quickly consulting a default view but they are invariably using their own custom views which they have tailored to their own requirements (as intended) .. would be great to see HubSpot make this feature accessible to users in the way that they are using the CRM 


That would be also a super helpful feature for us.

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I have a client asking me for this, so we'd love to see it for their sake. 


Deal insights would be far more valuable to our sales team and revenue team leadership if allowed for additional customization. 


  • Insights disappears when a custom view is created, is not available on custom view - despite this being saved filters. To save teams time, it would be valuable to make the insights metrics readily available without having to add filters each time.
  • Applying a filter timeframe to insights - Closed Won all time is not as beneficial as this metric on a per quarter or year timeframe which can be accomplished with filters, but comes with risk if each team member is expected to do so independently. 
  • If HubSpot could expand some of the provided/default board views to include 'closing this year' or closing this quarter, it would be beneficial.
  • Insights has a lot of potential to support pipeline review discussions but the current format has limitations as it is not customizable, nor can custom views use insights. 

I could see a lot of value if these metrics could be customized or filtered to provide the most relevant datapoints, specifically in the most relevant time period for each business. 


This would basically enable the usage of saved Deals views.

Without the totals und numbers from the Insights, the customized views are pretty much useless. 


I agree, insights in custom deal views would be extremely helpful. The current setup is so clunky when I am trying to show my team insights for different metrics, and I have to keep changing the filters instead of being able to just click in to a different custom view.


Totally agreed.  insights give AEs a great quick insight into their targets. We use use a tool to visualize all of our insights and metrics from sales to calls. 🙂 


Some people have noted this in other ideas but coupled with other thoughts in those ideas.  At a simple level, the ability to show/hide insights on ANY deal view, not just the All Deals or My Deals (default views). 


We create deal views with custom filters applied to make meetings go more efficiently, but we can't see the insights at the top of those views.  only the default "All Deals" tab which means we have to manually add the advanced filters over and over live during our meetings.

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This would also be a very useful feature for us.