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Deals - Inactivity Colour

Currently on the desktop version of HubSpot, while in the Pipeline, the Deal will change from white to dark grey after X amount of days.


2 Asks;

1 - Can we get this feautre enabled for the Mobile version of HubSpot?


2 - Can we get more options in this field?

By this, I mean, can I have the Deal change from white to dark grey or yellow after X days to show that we need to start looking in to this.

Then, can we have it change from dark grey or yellow to black or red after X more days to show that this is urgent and that it'll jump out more.

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Great idea, we are also interested into being able to personalise the activity in deals 

That would be a great feature to add since each deal is different.
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Related to this - I'd like to define different lengths of time that act as the "inactive" flag for different pipelines. Thanks!


We would really love this feature as well! Turning it into a more alarming color such as red or yellow.