Deals - Automatically Associate A Consecutive Number To Each New Deal

When creating a deal it would be good if there could be a 4 or 5 digit number automatically associated with the deal, (so the Hubspot system automatically associates it in a consecutive order) so that the deal can easily be referenced on all files etc of the deal, and it is easy to find in future. 


The issue we face is that we may have the same company, with the same contact, with very similar deals running at the same time (for different projects etc) so these are easily confused. 


Though each deal is automatically associated with a Deal ID (which appears in the URL), it is unsearchable, and it is an 8 digit number which is not so user friendly. It would be good to have a field with an auto number calculator or something similar, which is searchable, and auto added to each deal when it is created in a consecutive sequence.  


Could Hubspot add an 'auto-number-generator' as an option for deal creations? 

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I am looking for something similar but would love to be able to pass in a Deal Id in the API when creating a new Deal in Hubspot from a downstream system that has already generated the unique idea used across our enterprise. We currently pass this in as a custom property on the deal object but it then allows for duplicates in HS API submission (and you cannot search for a Deal by our custom property). Ideally our own Deal Id would be sent in the Deal Create API call into HubSpot.

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Hi Smiley Happy


We also require a unique deal number. Hubspot creates a 9 digit deal number but this is not exclusive for us, I think this is for all over the users in hubspot.


I created 5 test deals and numbers are as below: 

340484007, 340484020, 340484026, 340485056, 340485064

I require the correct sequence for my all the deals like 340484007, 340484008, 340484009, 340484010...and so on.

Please advise.


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Hello HubSpot community,


I'm happy to let you all know that Deal ID is now included as a property on all deals. This ID can be searched and used in views, just like any other property. The Deal ID is generated automatically when a deal is created, and will be created in sequential order. This ID is also uneditable. Please feel free to post on this thread if you have any questions! 


- Dylan  


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Hi Hubspot, 


This is definitely needed, its becoming a nightmare to manage without a deal number that can be auto-assigned or created. I will be looking to exit the platform if something cant be sorted on this front as impossible to manage deals without everyone sitting next to each other which is not feasible considering my company is spread across multiple countries. 

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Hi @acumen - please see the post above, this is now live in all portals. The property is named "deal id" and it is on each deal! It is also searchable and sortable. 

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Hello HubSpot Communty,


This is now available for all users - details are available in this Product Blog Post.

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Hooray, thanks HubSpot!!

The critical missing step (at least for the way we need it to work) is to utilize this ID in the Salesforce connector, so the integration doesn't create duplicate Deals every time it tries to sync, like it does right now. Definitely a huge step in the right direction though!