Deals - Attachment sort filter needed

Should be able to view the attachments in chronological order, Alphabetical, or other   Seems currently to be arbitrary.  It creates issues when trying to see documents as they have changed over time ie contracts,  etc.      

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Agreed!  An 'Attachments' filter is desperately needed as companies using HubSpot are growing. 


If this is not an important feature add, then it seems like HubSpot just wants to cater to smaller companies.  We need the functionality to scale and grow with us.


Please add filtering to the attachments section.

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Not only sorting and filtering is needed. If the function gets an overhaul, add a "mass file management" too, so you can check-mark many files and e.g. delete at once. Not to forget: Have the email scanning adjusted to not add all little images coming from email signature. These are really cluttering the Attachment area (what leads to the request of mass-delete :-) ).