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Deal split revenue should be included in quota attainment

Hi hi all, my first HubSpot community post so wish me luck !! 


I'm finding it frustrating that, with deal splits currently, there is no way of having the revenue closed through a deal split count towards the sales reps individual quota attainment.


In our company, when a deal is upsold, a certain % value will go to the sales rep, and the rest to the account manager. This % value is not included towards the reps revenue goals in HubSpot, which means you can't build a report to show the rep's own closed deal revenue + the rep's deal split revenue vs. their quota. Currently, we have to split this data across 2 reports (one to show their revenue goal, and another to show their revenue progress - which is a custom report i built showing deal split owners).


Revenue from deal splits should be included, or there should be an option to include this in the individual reps progress towards their revenue goal, because (in our case at least) this stuff counts.

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I agree and uplift this idea as we are struggling with this issue too!