Deal reporting: allow a simple way to show the average time spent in each Pipeline Stage


Strangely this is not an easy, straightforward report to build, nor is it an out-of-the-box report.

After much experimentation, I've been unable to create a simple report that shows the average time Deals spend in each stage.

Similarly, I've been unable to break this down into a single report for each individual stage.

It would also be great if such a report could take into consideration those Deals that are still in their current stage, rather than have passed on to future stages, so you could get a real-time view of your current pipeline.

This would be a great report to have available for our clients and I'm sure many others!

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This is a vital addition to the sales reporting.  It is a reasonably basic stat that sales people and sales managers need to know.  

Hoe long a deal spends in each stage - on average.  without this it's almost impossible to predict deals that will close, sales cycle time etc.


As we all know, accurate predictuon are what makes or breaks a sales team.


I am trying to build this report recently, and there's no way for me to be able to do this. This report would be helpful so we can see how we could optimize each deal stage and try to speed up the process.