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Deal "Last Activity" show actual last activity

The "last activity date" of a deal should be updated to include any person or company that is associated with the deal. If your business, like ours, is focused on deals that could have a single company and multiple stakeholders, I need a view that shows when the last time anyone who is claimed under the deal has been touched. This should also apply for sequences that fall under the deal. 

New Contributor

I agree with Jeffress.  Our deals (aka opportunities) have multiple stakeholders associated with them.  So any activities associated with a person should be reflected on the deal.  As it stands today, a rep has to make a choice - book the activity to the contact (and not have it reflected on the deal), or book it to the deal (and not have it show when they last spoke w a person).  We need both.

Occasional Contributor

Agreed with both BradM and Jeffress. This should roll into a "Number of times contacted" type property for the deal itself.


We're trying to understand communication as it relates to duration of a deal in the pipeline (or a specific stage of the pipeline). Not just "are we on top of it", but also when is something atypical happening? For example, how much communication has there been since a deal moved to its current stage? How much communication on average do deals in this stage typically require before moving to the next stage? Etc.