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Deal merge needs more information to differentiate closed and open deals

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When performing deal merges in HubSpot, there is an option to search for the deal name that you would like to merge. For companies that have multiple deals, this can quickly become confusing because they all have similar names. We need a way to help us distinguish which deal we are merging into the other so that we do not accidentally merge a past or closed deal. Something like showing the deal status, pipeline, and create date could be helpful. Or something similar to the "manage duplicates" screen for contacts and company where you can see a side by side comparison of the two deals you are considering merging.

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Thank you for posting about this; we have the same issue. When merging Deals, only having access to one piece of information - Deal Name - in the deal merge dialogue box increases the margin for error and that matters as the action is permanent. This is especially problematic for industries where Deal Names tend to be repetative due to the types of recurring services offered. I second the request to add a "Manage Duplicates" screen for Deals where we can choose the properties we want to add to the comparision before merging the two records, such as Associated Company, Associated Contact, Create Date, Close Date, Amount, etc.