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Deal breakdown into multiple Products #Pricebook

Hi, I'm a Director of Business Development with a multi-media company and have used HubSpot across a couple different business industries now. As a paying customer, it would be incredibly useful in Sales to have a product list in HubSpot that associates with Deals. In the current set up, I cannot track where specifically our revenues are coming from. How often is a "Deal" just ONE product, service, or offering? Almost never. 


Example 1: When I was in IT sales, a single deal/sale would have at least a dozen line items. Salesforce unfortunately took the cake with this becasue we could create custom fields. 


Example 2: Now in media, a single Deal easily contains a few advertisements, events passes, and special program materials. There is no way to track which products we are selling in a B2B or even B2C sale. Plus only knowing the grand total is vaguely useful.


Lastly, take a look at PandaDoc, they have a great "click and drag" feature for multiple stored line items when creating proposals and contracts.


Would love to see something like this happen ASAP. I know it's been mentioned before, but that is the only thing holding us back from making a full transition to HubSpot and the biggest pain point for our company. 


Thanks! HubSpot is by far my favorite CRM and sales tool, I would be so relieved and happy to see this feature come to life. Smiley Happy Sales Reporting Productivity Tools

Regular Contributor

100% need this.

It is very important to be able to view from a dashboard specific items or services and their contributing amounts without having seperate deals and amoutns for effectively the same deal. For example, we could want to show the high margin services, which may have a specific target or focus from the board of directors.

Occasional Contributor

Hi guys,

Don't know if this is a solution for you, but this is "In planning"

New Contributor

Agreed! This feature is absolutely needed. I need this before making the switch. Any updates on this?

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
Status changed to: In Planning

Hey folks, we're getting pretty close to having an Alpha version of a products catalog available. If you're interested in joining the Alpha group, please sign up for early access here:


Otherwise, we will reach out directly as we move this into Beta. 



New Member

Yes! Thanks for submitting, and thanks for planning. This is much needed as in each deal we have a subscription price and a one-time implementation cost and they are custom for each client. For the following year's renewals it is a real pain to have to go back to another system to find the break out of the quote. It would be AMAZING to have multiple lines displayed on the deal and also be able to report on them as previously mentioned. Cheers. Looking forward to the alpha testing.