Deal based workflow - feedback/ideas


I've started using the deal-based workflow in the beta.

1. It looks like you can't create internal emails with the relevant tokens, but only internal notifications - which are not as nice

2. There is no way to test that internal notification (especially important in lead workflows as you don't want to produce test data in your funnel)

3. In the internal notifications, there is no way to add company or contact data (I would like to be able to add to the internal notification the company URL for example)

4. There is no way to add a link to the deal to the internal notification - especially important for us as we notify about a new deal to people that need to take action with it (finance, customer success etc). A workaround I found and still testing is to put the deals URL and use the deal ID field 

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Just to confirm the workaround described in #4 works great.

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If I'm understanding correctly, a workaround for #3 is using the Company Name/Contact Info in the name of the deal. Our deals look like this: NEW DEAL | company name | creation date | pipeline name. It seems long ,but it helps keep things organized.