Deal & Product Forecasting

I would like forecasting and products within HubSpot to be enhanced so that you can forecast Deals that include Products eg: we are a SaaS company, in the Deals Workflows you can create a workflow to auto-create a deal, the deal consists of a client that wants products as part of the deal: 5 x Type A Software Licenses and 2 x Type B Software Licenses. The client or HubSpot owner can enter the quantity, they can check out online and that closes the deal. It auto updates the Forecast and the Deal as Closed Won.


Currently Products is NOT an object in Dashboard reports, nor Workflows. You cannot forecast deals with products properly. In Forecasting or Goals - you need to be able to have targets: eg: I want my sales team to sell 20 x Type A Software Licenses PER MONTH and 10 x Type B Software Licenses PER MONTH. This has both a target NUMBER (QUANTITY) of PRODUCTS and a target REVENUE number. It should auto calculate revenue based on the quantity of PRODUCTS. You should be able to set goals for forecasting target numbers based on Products (quantity) and Revenue.