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Deal View Layout by Pipeline or Field selection

Hubspot has been great, but one feature I had in Salesforce that is lacking is the ability to customize the Deal About section per Pipeline. We use Pipelines to separate our lines of business and the About section fields that correspond to each Pipeline are very different. Since we don't have this ability now, we have to add all Deal-related fields to our Deal About view and it is becoming too much to scroll through. 


I would also like to change the Deal layout by first selecting an Agreement Type from a custom drop-down I set up. This would allow fields only pertaining to that type of agreement to be shown instead of having to show related and unrelated fields to that particular deal in the About section.


Please get this developed ASAP! I am sure many more users need this, want this and will pay for it!

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Totally agree with this. Some deal pipelines are very different for others and need quick previews so would be a huge help


This is crucial! It's great that we have the ability to amend cards now in the Kanban view, but the fact that the change applies to all pipelines doesn't work for us. Different pipelines are used by different teams and they information they need varies, so having the ability to customise that would be great 


Upvoting this too. I am sure we are not the only once having different customer types (B2B2C vs B2C for instance). 


NEED to be get this feature working to change fields in the deal cards for different pipelines.   Even colour changes would be helpful. 

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I agree - this idea is also true for Ticket Pipelines that we use for onboarding, support, etc.


This is something our organization could really benefit from as well. We have a lot of different pipelines/ticket categories that all use the ticket system to track a lot of very different things.

Another thing in the same vein: the little red/yellow/green priority circle is great for visualizing priority - we would love to be able to customize something like that for other properties as well.

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Adding on behalf of a HubSpot user: 

It would be highly beneficial to have a unique About card default view for specific pipelines.  Not only do Teams need specific views, but by nature, certain deal pipelines (BDR, Sales, etc.) also need a tailored view.


This would be ideal Hubspot, please get this actioned.  It would be great to have priority colour coding and some extra value fields for the deal cards to show what is required at different stages.  Overall some more flexibility on information we can add to deal cards. 


I support this 100%. Our pipelines have different pieces of info that we need on the cards. 


Yes please!


Hello All,


This solution will only suit customers who would like to customize the left sidebar for individual teams only.


Go to Settings > Data Management > Objects > Deals / Tickets > Record Customization > Customize the left sidebar.


There is an option to Create team view - this will enable default views for teams on Deals / Tickets as required.


Hope this helps 🙂


We need ability to customize the left sidebar per pipeline, as it is currently overwhelming having multiple fields being displayed in each pipeline that are unneccesary.


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I completely agree that this needs to be a feature. With different deal pipelines, each deal pipeline has custom information that is needed. We should be able to customize each view on the left side based on what pipeline the deal is in. Or else, it's just a lot of scrolling and searching which is harder for training when bringing in new people to show how to make a deal based on pipeline and the information needed depending on pipeline. 


Echoing the above, I was looking for this feature today and was disappointed to find that it doesn't exist!