Deal Timeline Displaying Form Submission

The ability to use a workflow to create a Deal from a Form Submission was a fantastic addition.  


It would be a big help if the details of the Form Submission that created the Deal could appear in the deal timeline so a Sales User has all the relevant information in one place.  Currently the Sales User needs to jump from the Deal into the Contact record and find the Form Submission on the Contact Timeline.

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Yes please, we need to know in what stage a deal coming from a form submission is to know if a particular advertising form has done it's job. i.e form submissions form enquiry forms on different web pages and facebook forms from leadads.



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I have a client who is trying to associate particlular form submissions with their corresponding deals, so this would be extremely useful to be implemented.

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Forms should be first class citizens in Hubspot.


Forms should show up on Company, Contacts, Deals, and now Tickets. It's absolutely critical path.


Also, the Timeline should have a tab for 'Forms' for quick access. Just like the quick filter tabs for Activity, Notes, Email, Calls, Tasks.... and Forms. 


The current work-around is pretty kludgy.

a. Mirror contact properties from forms onto Deal.

b. Setup a workflow -> On form submission ->  for each contact property set corresponding deal property.

c. yuck. The maintenance of maintaining properties (often with drop list values, etc)... and workflow for every form.


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YES! This is so crucial with our business - will save so much time in manually screenshotting the form that comes in, creating a PDF, and attaching to the deal! If there was a way that this form submission automatically links to the deal (either via a link or file) then that would be great!!

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@DanMCollins agreed! The way I worked around getting the date on the deal was to create a custom property for Contacts and Deals; in our case, " 'X' App Submitted Date."

There's a workflow that enrolls based on form submission and appends the "Date of Step" to this custom property. Then I have it copy that date to the custom Deal property. It's one big PITA but the best way I can enable the team to see the date of an app/form submission and also so that we can report individual contact submissions, not 'total # of submissions' which can be misleading. 


For legacy submissions, I exported them and then appended the form submission date to the custom property on the contact record. 


This won't help with the entire form submission appearing, but if the deal pulls the "Last 30 days" activity from the associated contact record, I am pretty sure you will be able to view it there and filter for "Form submissions" on the deal. 


Hope this helps in the mean time!

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It'll definitely be helpful for users to be able to see everything at a glance -- and it ties in perfectly with the workflow feature as well. Similar to how we can associate engagements to different records, it'll be great if users could have the flexibility to associate particular form submissions to a particular deal.