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Deal Stage Requirements Best Practices

My company is readdressing the requirements to move between stages in HubSpot. We have several properties set up to capture information but we want to be as efficient as possible without overcomplicating each stage and overwhelming our sales team. Does anyone have any recommendations on best practices and/or example of best properties to include at each deal stage? This is how our pipeline is set up:
Stage 1 (5%) -> Stage 2 (25%) -> Stage 3 (50%) -> Stage 4 (75%) -> Stage 5 (90%) -> Closed won/lost

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We have something very similar but added a bonus one called 10%, this is for customers who are saying not right now but not no. Then through a workflow, any deal in that stage we have create a task for a set period down the line to pick back up with the customer, around 6-9 months.