Deal Stage Descriptions

To unify a sales team, it would help to include an explainer of what each Deal Stage is used for. By adding a description to the Deal Stage, each salesperson can be clear what the stage is used for.


For Example - If Deal Stage 2 is "Phone Needs Assessment" - I might want to hover over that Deal Stage Name and see the description in a pop up that says: "Carry out a needs analysis of the prospect's business to prepare for a demonstration. Understand the prospects needs to showcase the solutions that will build upon their needs."

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I really like this idea.  It would also help when new reps are brought in they can quickly have a description at their finger tips and not have to spend time searching around to see how their organization defining each step of the process.

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I really like this idea. I also think adding a customizable description to the "Lead Status" would be very helpful. This way you can give a better explanation as to what that status is and how the team should be using is. It'll clear up confusion for anyone who is new.