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Deal Stage Descriptions

To unify a sales team, it would help to include an explainer of what each Deal Stage is used for. By adding a description to the Deal Stage, each salesperson can be clear what the stage is used for.


For Example - If Deal Stage 2 is "Phone Needs Assessment" - I might want to hover over that Deal Stage Name and see the description in a pop up that says: "Carry out a needs analysis of the prospect's business to prepare for a demonstration. Understand the prospects needs to showcase the solutions that will build upon their needs."

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I really like this idea.  It would also help when new reps are brought in they can quickly have a description at their finger tips and not have to spend time searching around to see how their organization defining each step of the process.


I really like this idea. I also think adding a customizable description to the "Lead Status" would be very helpful. This way you can give a better explanation as to what that status is and how the team should be using is. It'll clear up confusion for anyone who is new.


I'll like this idea, so next to each stage I want to have a (i) sign that I can however and the descriptions come up about this stage.


So under Settings -> Sales -> Sales Pipeline I want to have a description section also where I can have my text inserted.

Or via RestAPI connected to my Wiki so I can refering to a Wiki link to that text.



I'm looking for a feature like that myself. It'd be really helpful for us. An explainer or comment to each stage would help reps see:

1. what are the requirements for a deal to be moved to this stage

2. what they need to do (sales actions) to move a deal to the next stage



In Tickets, in the Board view, when I hover over a Ticket, I get a pop-up showing the Ticket Description (see image below). 

This is brilliant for seeing latest update notes very quickly. 

Could we get the same for Deals please? 



Pop-out box - box -


This seems like such a good iadea and one that would add tons of value, particlularly for sales teams


We were just talking about this yesterday. Would be incrediby helpful for multiple teams and pipelines! 


Please do add this! Feels like it would be a very simple feature to implement and would really help staff understand what deal stages denote specifically.

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We are working with a client that just asked if that would be possible 😆

It would be awesome and super valuable if we could have this at some point! Thank you so much!


This would be incredibly helpful 


We have the exact same need. Let's hope that HubSpot will incorporate this "hover" feature soon.


Bumping.  This would be helpful to us as well


It would be really helpful if HubSpot could add a description property for deal stages


yes this is a needed feature! 


My sales team had different ideas about what nurture means. One assumed that stage meant the contact is stuck in consideration (i.e. they already demoed or got a proposal, but want to wait for budget or next quarter before moving forward), while the other assumed nurture meant the contact is not ready to engage with sales, but would benefit from receiving content + event invites.


Two totally different points in the sales cycle and it was causing confusion.


Would love this, hard to align the team if they have to search out of Hubspot for this information.