Deal Search feature doesn't include historical property values


My Deals are created by a form submission where a customer has requested samples (ie product a, b, c). Right now, the samples are being populated into the deal description ("Samples: Product a, b, c") because this property is searchable on the main deals view. When a second request (ie product d) comes in for the same deal, a new deal is created with description "Samples: Product d". This new deal is then merged into the old deal, but when deals are merged the main deal description ("Samples: Product a, b, c") is the one that remains with the deal, the description from request #2 is essentially "history".

Note: I cannot merge request 2 as the main deal because I need to maintain the originally create date. Also, we don't want to use the requested samples as the deal name (I work in chemicals, we send a lot of samples before we gain a piece of business). 


Now, if you search for "product d" in the main deals view no results populate because it is only searching against the most recent descriptions. Searching does not return on historical descriptions.


Can deal descriptions search against the history of the field?


I'm looking for another way to not lose the history of the samples sent to customers, but also a way that makes it searchable (open to creating a property and using filters, but this just create another step).


PS - In an ideal world, a "note" would be created from this form submission info in the activity log... 

Thanks in advance for your help!