Deal Properties in Sales Email Templates

The sales email templates only allow the use of Contact & Company properties but a lot of contextual data is captured in the Deal. It would be great if we could use Deal properties in the email templates – we could make the emails way more relevant and avoid a whole lot of copy pasting we're having to do right now.

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Please add this feature. 

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We would love that functionality as well!

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Agreed. This is a no brainer, which would greatly improve things.  The issue is that deals are one-to-many relationship with one client to many deals, so choosing which deal it would pick from would make things complicated for their development team.  

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+2. This feature is most needed. It was an huge surprise when I realised it wasn’t possible.

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Agreed.  Definitely need deal tokens in sales templates.

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This is a must need feature! 


Since we have more than one deal for some contacts or companies, it's definitely importante for us to be able to automate deal properties on email.

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This would be hugely benefical l to myself and my company. We are now having to type the details into the contact AND the deal.

This would save us half the amount of time.



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HubSpot Product Team
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You can add deal personalization tokens into your sales templates. If you send a template that has deal tokens in it from a contact or company record, or from your email client using a sales extension, we'll pull in values for the most recently created deal associated to that record. If you send a template from a deal record, we'll pull in values from that deal.