Deal Properties in Sales Email Templates

The sales email templates only allow the use of Contact & Company properties but a lot of contextual data is captured in the Deal. It would be great if we could use Deal properties in the email templates – we could make the emails way more relevant and avoid a whole lot of copy pasting we're having to do right now.

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A big+1 for this idea. Our lead form information is going into both contact and deal. The information saved on the deal is updated and enriched across the life of the deal. With the current CRM, users have 2 options and none of them is good:

1/ Save Deals' data on Deal object. => can't use that data in emails.

2/ Save Deals' data on Contact object. => well, that is the guaranty to get a very dirty CRM soon, that no one will understand and will want to use. It also creates challenges when a contact has more than one deal.


==> We need to be able to save Deals' data on Deal and to use it later on.




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 I agree this would be a  great addition! To be honest I assumed that it was a possibility until I was creating a template and attempted to insert the deal properties I had created.  

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I agree. Our company could use this especially to personalize the emails to better close our Deals. 

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+1 on this. There are many deal stages where an email blast can be used for follow ups or reconnecting with the deal contact(s)!

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+1 Please!!!!


We need this urgently as 90% of our email tokens are in deals.

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Agree - need this also!

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Agree! +1...This is essential as most follow ups and emails are sent to Deals being this the record with most updated info. We don't want to be going back and forth into the contact record, that will be a big discouragement for users. 

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This should already be functional - its so straight forward and this has been on the forum since March without a response from HS HQ.


This is an extremely useful feature and sorely needed.


We would like to automate certain parts of our deal with templated emails.


Firstly after agreeing to initial deal pricing, we would like to send our clients a summary of the deal with the deal price and certain custom properties.


After the deal has been completed, we would like to send our client a finalization email again with properties of the deal.


I hope this feature will be available soon. (even if the templates are defined to only be used within deals)


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Please add this feature. 

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We would love that functionality as well!

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Agreed. This is a no brainer, which would greatly improve things.  The issue is that deals are one-to-many relationship with one client to many deals, so choosing which deal it would pick from would make things complicated for their development team.  

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+2. This feature is most needed. It was an huge surprise when I realised it wasn’t possible.

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Agreed.  Definitely need deal tokens in sales templates.

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This is a must need feature! 


Since we have more than one deal for some contacts or companies, it's definitely importante for us to be able to automate deal properties on email.

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This would be hugely benefical l to myself and my company. We are now having to type the details into the contact AND the deal.

This would save us half the amount of time.



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HubSpot Product Team

You can add deal personalization tokens into your sales templates. If you send a template that has deal tokens in it from a contact or company record, or from your email client using a sales extension, we'll pull in values for the most recently created deal associated to that record. If you send a template from a deal record, we'll pull in values from that deal. 

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@cstetter  - I was recently working with HubSpot Tech Support and they've advised that it IS NOT possible to get sales templates to pull deal specific data.  Are you saying this is not true?


I.E.  If I have multiple deals associated to a contact, the template looks at the most recent deal and pulls in the data from the most recently created deal.  IF I have 5 deals, with 5 different values, the deal token will pull in the data from the most recently created deal, rather than the data from the first deal created, even when I'm inside that specific deal.