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Deal Journey Report Needs More Filters/Customization

So this dropout/funnel reports for deals is phenomenal. My feedback is threefold: 


1. The table below the visualization should also be able to be added to the dashboard (it's time in stage values are great).


2. We should be able to apply more robust filters!~ Our sales people would find it more useful if they could at least filter by things like Owner, Close Date, CLosed-Lost Reason and so forth. 


3. when you drill into the values there is only the deal name. That's not Super helpful! Adding values to that column would help a ton!




This is the exact kind of mid-funnel (MOFU) report hubspot is lacking!


great idea


Yeah, also I just got a request to be able to see the deals that reached a certain stage and monitor their progress in a monthly basis, problem is, not all reach the stage the month they are created so, to be able to use date ranges based on custom date fields would be amazing too!!


These are fantastic, thank you for the feedback. I have some updates on a few of these:

  1. We're actively exploring the right solution to bring the 'summary metrics' (the table with the time metrics) to the dashboard. Surprisingly heavier lift than it may appear.
  2. In the first half of 2024, we will be adding "object filtering" at the stage level, which should hopefully unlock the ability to filter a stage by a closed date, closed-lost reason, owner, etc.
  3. Totally agree. We're working with our colleagues to try and make our drilldowns more robust and provide more rich metadata. What kind of info would you want to see in the drilldowns?
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