Deal Criteria Checklist


What we're looking to do is better manage our pipeline and ensure that a deal has set criteria before being moved to the next stage.


What would be ideal is a checklist of items that have to be checked before a deal can be progressed to the next stage.

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May 5, 2017

Hey @ianhill sure! 


Here you will find details on HubSpot's APIs and integration partners, but you can connect with our community of HubSpot developers on our API Forum

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May 4, 2017

Thanks @ianhill these details will be extremely helpful/insightful when our Product teams come to review. 

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May 4, 2017

Hey thanks for posting!

I have a few follow up questions for you, to get as much detail as possible for our CRM Product teams.


What criteria do you use to progress a Deal between stages? Are these custom to your team/business, or are you looking for general/default criteria to be provided by HubSpot?

Can you provide an example (if possible) of another product/tool that already does this?


Thank you in advance for clarifying the details above, if you have any follow up questions for me / the Product team then just post in your reply.




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We use hubspot for real estate investment. Each investment requires a lot of different data. However this data comes form different sources and at differents moments. It means we cannot model it as a pipeline...


Therefore we would need a possibility to have a check list where we can check the box when it is received, and also add comments when we are waiting.  Ideally, each deal listed in vertical and in horizontal all the check boxes so we can have a matrix view. One shot we know where we stand and what are the priorities


Thanks !




I would also love to see this function.


It would be great if we could have the ability to make conditional deal stage group properties, that way we could create a Checklist as under Deal Group properties and link it to the various stages.