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What we're looking to do is better manage our pipeline and ensure that a deal has set criteria before being moved to the next stage.


What would be ideal is a checklist of items that have to be checked before a deal can be progressed to the next stage.

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Hey thanks for posting!

I have a few follow up questions for you, to get as much detail as possible for our CRM Product teams.


What criteria do you use to progress a Deal between stages? Are these custom to your team/business, or are you looking for general/default criteria to be provided by HubSpot?

Can you provide an example (if possible) of another product/tool that already does this?


Thank you in advance for clarifying the details above, if you have any follow up questions for me / the Product team then just post in your reply.





Hi Ró,


Please see below for my response:


- What criteria do you use to progress a Deal between stages? Are these custom to your team/business, or are you looking for general/default criteria to be provided by HubSpot?

The criteria would be custom to our team. An example would be that before a deal can be moved to "Project On" the sales person must do the following:

   - Ensure there is opportunity for us to participate in the procurement exercise

   - There is an agreed time scale

   - Detailed meeting taken place or scheduled in

   - Steps of advancement are understood


If any of these criteria have not been met then the deal can not progress.


- Can you provide an example (if possible) of another product/tool that already does this?

Unfortunately, I've not seen anything that does this. But if it helps, I imagine that when a user updates the Deal Stage, a pop up appears that asks the user to confirm the following. Only once all checkboxes have been checked, will the deal stage be updated.


Hope this helps and feel free to ask any further questions if it helps your understanding of our requirements.


Thanks, Ian

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Thanks @ianhill these details will be extremely helpful/insightful when our Product teams come to review. 


No problem @roisinkirby,


In the interim, we're going to look at using the Hubspot CRM extensions API. Are you able to put me in touch with a developer to discuss this API in more detail?


Thanks, Ian

HubSpot Product Team

Hey @ianhill sure! 


Here you will find details on HubSpot's APIs and integration partners, but you can connect with our community of HubSpot developers on our API Forum

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We were able to add this feature using the CRM Extensions API. Anyone who needs a workaround can PM me directly.


This is something that we are currently looking to do as well. Many of our steps don't happen in order, so it doesn't make sense to include it as part of the pipeline. It would be helpful for a checklist so the reps could check it off as it was completed.


An example of when this could be used is in a real estate transaction, that before changing steps, these three docs need signed, take pictures of the house, place a sign in the lawn, etc...


Automatic "per step" checklists would be an AWESOME function.


We're in the constuctions industry and can use a checklist in deals during our bidding process so our entire team can see what has been done in preparations for the bid to be sent out.


Tried using deal groups and properties which somewhat work but you can not reorder them. They only go alphabetically. If I could just reorder those I think it would work well.


I agree that a customized checklist would be a welcomed feature. For now, adding field properties for critical step is a stop gap or copy/paste a checklist in a note to document process along the way.


I was wondering if there had been any progress on this checklist idea.  I have been doing something exactly like this for the last 6 years based upon a Salesforce partner named Alitfy.  The high level idea is as follows:


  • link a series of questions to a deal stage
  • the questions are the best practices of what you would expect to be done to move to the next stage.  For example, "Have you identified the budget owner?" might be one for a qualifying stage.
  • typically you would expect between six and 12 questions per stage
  • The questions need to be checked complete or skipped and have the ability to accept a comments text box
  • The last question should be a mandatory "gate" question which must be answered yes to move to the next stage.  For example, "Have they notified you as the selected solution in written form" might be the gate to move to Contract stage
  • An advanced feature I have used is the ability to attach scoring to the individual questions.  Example might be the step is considered complete if 80% of the points are completed with inclusion of any gate questions.

 Yes, we really need it as well!




This would be a great feature. The deal workflows don't allow you to build AND queries for enrollment from multiple checkbox fields like contact workflows do. We currently have custom fields using multiple checkboxes for approvals on deal records (e.g. 7 people need to approve a doc before deal can move stage), but have to use a workaround by adding an 'ALL' tickbox at the end.

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I would like also to see the ability to link contacts in these checklist. A use case for this is mapping the different buying roles in this deal - this should link to the contact record in Hubspot (if it exist) or allow them to write a name/role if they don't have that person email or name yet.


My question is similar and a bit different. Many of our steps don't happen in order. Is it possible to use a checklist instead of pipeline. It could look like a pipiline but it would be possible to skip one or more stages and check one of the stages. 


Here is an example. A customer askes me to make a demo, or send him a video on our products before i can qualify him as a prospect. I would not like to be like a chatbot and refuse to make a demo untill the customer follows certain stages of my pipeline. 

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Wanted to bump this up! This would be a great feature. I'm always fighting to set it up for my customers so that they can have a checklist of items and visibility as to what's been completed vs. not. 


I agree to that a customized checklist would be a welcomed feature in both deals and tickets.


We'd love this to happen so I can move over all our single use Asana boards to Hubspot. 

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And also use this checklist in automation to communicate with clients if u need more information for a specific deal.