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Deal Automation - Automate adding All Contacts at a Company to a Newly Created Deal, plus more

I need the option to create two related automations.


1. When a deal is created for a Company, I would like to automatically associate the Deal with ALL of the contacts at that Company.


2. Similarly, if a Contact is created at a Company, that has a pre-existing Deal, I want the newly created Contact to automatically be Associated with the Deal.


I tried a few approaches to this using the current Deal / Contact / Company Automations with no luck. Then I reached out to support - they indicated it is not possible... hence, this request.


Bonus Points: Just make this a configuration setting as requested with Notes/Interactions request here --> Automatic associations bewteen Contact, Companies & Deals

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HubSpot Employee

I think this would be an awesome option to add in the Contacts/Companies/Deals settings. Thanks for posting!


Yes exactly!

In our case this is ALWAYS preferable, and I'd hazard a guess that this should be the default behavior for most users. 




Yes this is needed, or at least a tick box to add all contacts to the deal when setting a new deal up. It's very time consuming to have to add each contact to the deal individually.