De-Dup Rules & Automatic Deduplication Settings

I'm a big fan of the de-dup tool that is being rolled out and had a couple thoughts that I wanted to share as ideas.


1. Is it possible to add a section where we can create rules through the workflow interface to automatically de-duplicate contacts based on various rules that we create? 


For example, if contacts have the same first name, last name, and school then auto-merge them. It would be very helpful to be able to also dictate which one becomes the primary record. For example, if the email address ends with .edu then make that version of the contact the primary. Or make the most recently created or most recently updated contact record the primary.


2. Setup a settings area that allows us to make global rules such as enabling or disabling auto-deduplication across your entire portal.


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3. Once the contact is merged I believe that the tool automatically moves the other email address into a secondary email section that is a part of the "email" property.  It would be helpful if that can be accessed via APIs so that we can merge contacts based on our own rules. I believe that the tool currently prevents de-duplicated contacts from being re-added as stand-alone contacts. I want to make sure that logic is being applied for APIs so that contacts that have been merged can continue to be updated via APIs but that those updates get applied to the parent record.