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Datetime and date options into properties

We'd like to have a workflow to copy 'Became Marketing Qualified Lead' date from the contact to the associated company. 


As far as we've understood, that's not possible because that field being type datetime, and the properties you can create can only be date. 


Would it be possible to add datetime as an option for the property type?


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We need this.


The ability to copy datetime into date fields is an alternative option that would be very helpful. Either way, there needs to be some way to copy from the "Became a [lifecycle] date" fields. Primarily because the data in those fields is reset whenever a lifecycle stage moves back in time and the dates are lost. It would be nice if we could copy the data from those fields into custom fields prior to pushing a contact backwards in the lead funnel (e.g. from Sales Qualified Lead to Subscriber).

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Especially important with the new types of workflows now available. Deal/ticket/quote datetime objects to custom contact and company date picker fields and vice-versa.


We need this exact same thing. We want to capture "Became an MQL date" but on a company level. I've created a property on the Company level "Became a Company MQL" - but when trying to use a workflow to copy the Became a MQL Date (from a contact) to the company level it does not seem possible.


If there is any advice or help that would be apprecited. 


We want to be able to report on companies that became MQL (not leads) - and the date at which they became MQL..


Hi all - I've figured out a workaround for this.


1.) Create a new Contact level property using Date Picker field type (e.g. "BecameMQL Date")

2.) Create a new Company level propery using Date Picker field type (e.g. "Became Company MQL Date")

3.) Set up a Contact Workflow - Trigger is on when the default "Became a Marketing Qualified Lead" date is Known.

Add an update contact property action that then adds a date stamp to the "BecameMQL Date" field.

Add another action to copy the "BecameMQL Date" contact property to the "Became Company MQL Date" company  field.


After nearly 2 hours of trying different things the above seems to work. 



- you cannot copy the default Became a MQL date to a company field (this is because of time stamp)

- similarly you cannot add a Date Stamp to a date field on a company record. There is no explanation why this is so.. 

- but you can add a Date Stamp to a contact field (date picker) and the copy that to a company field (date picker)..


Bizarre but true.


We also need this. HubSpot has blog posts/articles about importance of speed to lead, but without working with datetime we can only measure this in days. Minutes are important here! Measuing in days is pointless.

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Working with B2B the focus is on getting new customers in terms of new comapnies - (and/or new deals related to a company) - Hence we strongly support this idea and the need to be able to report on Company "MQLs" (in addition to the traditional need for contact MQL's). 


We desperately need this as well.  In my case - it is Deal related.  I need to capture the Original Close Date - when a Deal was created.  I have created a Custom property - Master Close Date - but cannot copy it because of the mismatch.  I have been thinking through work arounds - but have not come up with one that works. 


We need this!  Our MQL's are erratic and changing.  Need a way to nail down the extact Became an MQL date monthly to ensure our ad money is well spent.


This should be basic functionality for any marketing automation platform. Hubspot, please add a Date Time option to properties. 


@hubspot this is basic yet fundamental. So many new CRMs are rolling out with this as a standard. It's 2024. There are hundreds of requests for the DateTime field dating back over 6 years ago. Let's make it happen. 

HubSpot Product Team

👋Hi all, I'm Rachel from the HubSpot Product team. An update - we are now in public beta for 'Create Datetime properties in HubSpot,' which allows you to create custom Datetime properties. You can opt into the beta under Product Updates. A few notes: 

  • When viewing and editing this property, a user’s current time zone will be used. This is based on the time zone set on their device.
  • When filtering with this property, your account’s time zone will be used by default.
  • Any custom datetime properties that had been created via a Support request / via API will now display Date & Time.
  • ‘Date’ properties whose field type can be edited can now be converted to ‘Date and Time.’
  • Datetime properties will be displayed as Date in the Forms Editor. Datetime properties are not yet supported in the new Forms Editor.