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My team and I would really like to be able to export the dates that certain deals enter and leave specific stages of our deal. Our deal process is a little unique and takes quite a bit of time, and to be able evaluate the length of time specific deals are spending in certain stages would be huge for us. In addition, it would allow us to run reports on the specific deals that entered or left certain stages within a specified time frame. Thanks so much for taking the time to evaluate this. It would be incredibly helpful for us. 

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Dates Spent In Deal StageHubSpot Product Team
changed to: Not Currently Planned

Hi all, thank you for the feedback! This is not something that we are focused on right now, so I'm updating the status to "Not Currently Planned." We'll let you know if anything changes!

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I would like to add my voice to this request - I'm sure we all agree that it can't be understated just how useful this feature would be. Given that the data is already on the deals, you'd think it would be relatively simple to make that exportable? Of course I'm not a dev so it may be incredibly complicated for all I know, but this thread has been open for 2 years or so...

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I just finished reading this whole thread and can't believe this is still not a feature.

We also are trying to find a way to track the time a deal is stuck in a deal stage. We want to take it up a notch and send an automatic email to the account manager and his suprvisor with the deals they have stuck per X amount of time.


Seems like there are a lot of people asking for this features, @jsg121  can we have a re-evaluation here?

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We really need to be able to alert our sales team on "stuck" leads, through one report mailer which canbe sent automatically, say- once a week... We are looking for a way that this report mailer will alert on the following:

* "You have 10 Leads that are currently still stuck in the same stage for more then ONE WEEK. These leads are: A, B, C..." 

* "You have 4 Leads that are currently still stuck in the same stage for more then TWO WEEKs. These leads are: D, E, F..." 

* "You have 3 Leads that are currently still stuck in the same stage for more then ONE MONTH. These leads are: G, H, I..." 


This is in the core of our team's productivity need... How come Hubspot does not have a way to setup that??? Isnt that a basic produstivity capabity? 

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Is the "Time in deal Stage" still not available as a regular feature (i.e. without using the APIs)?


I am asking since most entries on the "Time in deal stage" topic are from back in 2017.