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My team and I would really like to be able to export the dates that certain deals enter and leave specific stages of our deal. Our deal process is a little unique and takes quite a bit of time, and to be able evaluate the length of time specific deals are spending in certain stages would be huge for us. In addition, it would allow us to run reports on the specific deals that entered or left certain stages within a specified time frame. Thanks so much for taking the time to evaluate this. It would be incredibly helpful for us. 

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Yes - Being in sales this is a necessity.  The "Deal" terminolgy should also be clarified to coincide what is used as common industry standards.  


Hubspot Deal Format

1)Qualified to buy - 2)Presentaiton Scheduled - 3)Decision Maker Brought in - 4)Contract Sent -5) Closed Won - 6) Closed Lost


Preffered Format

1) Lead - 2)Qualified Lead - 3)Customer RFQ - 4)Quoted - 5)Order Won - 6)Order Lost



I need to know the running time that a Deal is in each process after I create a Deal.

A) Show Deal name

B) Show Deal enter date

1) Show running time of how long it has been a Un-qualified "Deal" lead

2) Show running time of how long the lead has been qualified

3) Show running time of how long the lead took to get an RFQ from customer.

4) Show running time of how long the it took to quote the customer from the time of RFQ

5) How long did it it take to win or lose the order 


This is the structure my past comapnies have always docuemnted in other CRM's.  This is what I need and it seams that the "Time in Deal" report is capable of creating it but the the directions seem limited.


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Agreed! I'd just like to be able to see HOW LONG a prospect has been in a deal stage. We're attempting to focus energy on minimizing the amount of time a deal moves through from start to finish and understanding this would be a huge benefit that HubSpot could create for us. 


Our team would also like to be able to see the "time in deal stage" on the deal board. We're thinking that we'd be able to set colors to the deals so that with a quick glance, we can see deals in "red" (30+ days), deals in "yellow" (15-29 days) and deals in "green" (0-14 days). The aging of deals is critical for us to understand if we're getting stuck at a specific point in our pipeline. The deal board is great, but without this feature, we're stuck wondering if what we're looking at is good or bad for the company.

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I could use this information too. I am aware we can look at aggregate data in reports, but I want to be able to drill down by deal owner, stage and lead, and see how much time each lead has spent in each stage. The reps can use this information to plan their work. 

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I feel the same as magandy2. This is possible in most other CRMs. Making this data available on the Deal Board would be a phenomenal addition.

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I couldn't agree more. I was under the impression that I could be able to report this already and finding that it's not already an option is really disappointing. This information can help us see from an overall level when things aren't moving as they typically should and helps us catch errors!

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Not Currently Planned

Hi all, thank you for the feedback! This is not something that we are focused on right now, so I'm updating the status to "Not Currently Planned." We'll let you know if anything changes!

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I originally put this idea out there in April of 2017. Looks like a fair amount of support for the idea yet it took 18 months to even get a response from Hubspot? 

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Why is this not being developed!!!


I'm a big fan of HubSpot but this is a crucial piece of MI for any sales ops team. 


Leaving it as it is means that I can only spot issues of deals being stuck 'after the fact' ie. when the have finally been moved to closed lost or won after months of inaction .  We should be able to see real-time if any deals are stuck in a particular stage and take action.


Not impressed at all with this response from HubSpot.




We also need this in order to trace how long deals are 'stuck', or which deals haven't moved for a very long time.

This is a crucial insight to streamline and monitor the sales process.

Reports are not only to report 'after the fact' but also to keep an eye on the current deals. 


I agree with the reaction above that we are not impressed with the reaction from Hubspot. You have 64 upvotes, yet decide not to plan it 'because you are not focussing on it'. How hard can it be to use the CurrentDate and substract the date a deal entered a certain stage, and display that outcome ? This is all we ask....

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Same here... This information is a must-have. For report mainly in our case. The "time in stage" don't work for current stage and it is a huge lack. And it could be useful too for identifying deals/contact stuck in a stage since X days.

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For us:  Instead of having a close date it would work much better for our workflow if the date changed when we switched the stage. That way we could quickly see how long a deal has been in that stage and also help us keep the deals in the proper order in their currect stage. 

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Hello @Troy ,


We were speaking about export each stage change but if i have understood your need it is simplier and you can easily afford it :

- create a property "last stage change" (or use the close date if your really want)

- create a workflow based on deals with the trigger "Dealstage is known" and the reenrollment parameter active for each dealstage. Choose the workflow action "update property" and "set a timestamp"

-you have now a field with the last stage change


Btw you can do that for any property you want.

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I am adding a cherry onto the "track current time in deal stage" cake. My sales team is begging for this as they are doing it manually in spreadsheets for their check in meetings with leadership. 

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@NicoP  I think you are misunderstanding what we are looking for. A simple "track current time in deal stage" is what we need.

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Yes I have understand. And I confirm that you already can do it following the step I give you upper. The thing you can't do is export all the date and it is what @dsweatt  ask, your need is simplier.


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@NicoP I'm sure you understand how your propsoed solution is a partial fix to the greater problem. If one utilizes your solution they then have to individually evaluate every deal based on when they entered the stage. Although your proposed solution saves a bit of time vs. an excel document it is still not as streamlined as it could be.


If "time in current deal stage" was readily viewable on all deals on the "Board" view of a pipeline, then it could be utilized by salespeople tracking those deals with great convenience. It would also help management during sales meetings/reviews. 

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Still Nothing from Hubspot, this feature would be fantastic

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Great functionnality to be developed!

I would need to export data other than properties only (for example time spent in each lifcycle stages for deals)


Can we get an update on the status of this thread? Even when paying for Enterprise edition with calculated properties you still can't achieve this. This is fundamental to sales reporting and would be great to understand what holds it back from being a functional part of the platform.