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Date property for workflows

Hi all,


I'm writing here this idea hoping it could be useful for other projects too.

Request: have a Date Property that calculates the day a contact entered a workflow.


We have a medical centre as a client and with workflows we manage really a lot of data of its patients. In this case, they track the date of booking their service online (that can be cancelled) and the day of the medical visit. The problem is that it's difficult to track the real conversion from these workflows, particularly, when the workflow's goal is needed to be changed.


We tried using the lists but's still not as precise as we would like.

The lists would be much preciser if we could add a condition "date a contact entered the workdflow X is after .. ", so that even if the goal is changed we can still filter the contacts and see the conversion.


Hope this idea can be useful and if not, I'm open to other solutions 🙂 


Thank you!