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Date option for Fiscal Year and fiscal quarter in dashboard and reports

All reporting is done quarterly and needs to follow the fiscal year. While we can set up our fiscal year in the account setting, there is no option to do so in dashboards. We can only do it by 'normal' quarter, which makes entering the fiscal year in HubSpot useless.

The only option we have is to create manually custom reports which are fastidious, but then, you can't change the dates easily as you need to customize each report present on the dashboard each quarter.

Implementing the date filter for Fiscal Year and fiscal quarter in the dashboard would help sales and marketing people to compare each quarter and report to executives easily according to fiscal year and finance requirements.



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I agree. Fiscal year should be available for all kinds of reports, not just the custom report builder. 

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This would be really helpful, upvote!

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Yes please!! 

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This would be great!


Big upvote! Reporting looks wonky and hard to work with when I can't really compare performance between financial quarters. It basically keeps me from using the full potential of revenue goals without that function!


Some reports have fiscal periods (quarters and years) available as time periods and some don't. Let's get those fiscal time periods consistently available please!