Date of Birth and Age

We use several target groups for different ages (for example 18-25, 30plus, 50plus) therefore we require a solid way how to categorize the age of a contact. Furthermore, this would allow to send Birthday-Mails or to set task for a call.


Date of Birth

We have difficulties in using a data field in a form as the calendar for selection starts today. That means a lot of scrolling for the client.

a Hubspot-Standard Date of Birth Data Field that consists of 3 elements: day, month, year. Ideally, elements can be hidden in a Form (to display only the birth year for example)



A calculated field that displays the age of a contact in years (based on the birthday). Agerange should be selected for Contact Lists or Workflows. So we may target all contacts in the age of 18-25.


I am looking forward to hear from this update




Michael Eck

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HI MichiEck


Just seeing if you have found a solution for your problem? We are having s similar issue as we are trying to searh for all members (4,000 of them) who had a birthday in a particular month so we can send them birthday cards, but it does not allow us to search who had a birthday in the month of March for example.


It seems to only search for the actual date they were born, which would be a massive task if we had to do that for every month.



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Hi Jason

Thanks for your message, no, I have not heard anything yet. Regards


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Please add this. It's important to sales!

JoeDavies Esteemed Contributor | Gold Partner
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This would be great, we constantly have contacts just setting their year as the current year


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Please add this!

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Please add this, we are having similair problems. 


Mike_Eastwood Regular Advisor | Silver Partner
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Hi team, we've just solved this for a client!

We're running tests now.

More soon.



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Yes we need this!  

Mike_Eastwood Regular Advisor | Silver Partner
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Kia ora @FlyingKiwi 


We finsihed the new version in the weekend – it's ready to deploy.


Any chance we could have a chat ?


I'm assuming you're in NZ, or have you flown overseas?


Keen to learn more about how you use the Age and or Birthday.


Feel free to send me a message with your calendar link.