Date of Birth and Age


We use several target groups for different ages (for example 18-25, 30plus, 50plus) therefore we require a solid way how to categorize the age of a contact. Furthermore, this would allow to send Birthday-Mails or to set task for a call.


Date of Birth

We have difficulties in using a data field in a form as the calendar for selection starts today. That means a lot of scrolling for the client.

a Hubspot-Standard Date of Birth Data Field that consists of 3 elements: day, month, year. Ideally, elements can be hidden in a Form (to display only the birth year for example)



A calculated field that displays the age of a contact in years (based on the birthday). Agerange should be selected for Contact Lists or Workflows. So we may target all contacts in the age of 18-25.


I am looking forward to hear from this update




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Great idea, we need this too!


Should be a built-in feature, but anyway I found a solution for displaying client age and it works fine


Step 1: implement a 'Today's date' date picker field which is updated every day similar to =today() in excel. HS support pointed me to this way of implementing:


Step 2: create a 'between dates' calculation field and input the Birthday Date field and the new 'Today's Date' date field.


Voila! the system automatically calculates the client age and you just add it to your view.  


This 'today's date' field workaround is also incredibly helpful to any other custom fields where you need to calculate how long it's been between today and any other event date. For example I've used it to know how long our clients have been clients. 


Unfortunately I have not figured out how to build birthday reminders because I can't get rid of the 'year' in the birthday date field 😞


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@DinDjarin That's gold, thanks!


You can build a birthday reminder by creating a workflow that's centered around a date field, and reoccurs annually 🙂 Like so:







Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, Jeff from the HubSpot product team here. Thanks for your input on this, it's much appreciated.


Our focus for properties is making it possible for you to build this yourself. Based on the original description, there are a few platform changes needed to accomplish this:
1. Improve date entry for forms.

2. Add support for specific time segments (e.g. "year") on to Time Between calculated properties.

3. Add "current date" support for Time Between properties.


We will focus on making those changes. We do not plan to deliver a new Date of Birth field at this time.

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@jeffvincent it does really require a new property type, its more so that the workflows and filters should be able to go by the month, day and year individually so that you can automatically run calculations like "number of years between", "month equals to 4" and so on


Why can't you just implement an age property that automatically calculates based on the date of birth field (date picker type).

I'd do it myself using a HubSpot calculation, but I cant' make any calculations based on date picker as @cjrhoads said earlier. 

Age based on date of birth is a very basic contact property. I don't understand why it's not native.


This would be  a valuable addition to HubSpot. 

Currently using a manual process and excel, not ideal 


@HTB_Scott how are you doing this? When I create an active list, select contact properties, and then select date of birth, I don't have a more than or less than option for filtering


Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 10.59.25 AM.png


@mstanwyck  - I'm using a custom date picker property rather than the built in version, and I think that gives you the right options. Sorry that wasn't clearer!

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I found a workaround for this using calculated properties.


First, create a property for "today's date" found here: 


Then create a calculated property that will calculate the time between a "birthday property" and "today's date"

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 12.54.29 PM.png